Software house CDL is targeting insurance 'aggregators' in personal lines with its new Black Box online technology.

Black Box automatically takes inquiries from aggregator websites, providing fast and accurate quote information from individual broker sites, according to CDL.

The company claimed the technology gives customers access to most quotes within 30 seconds.

Bike Insurer Services has already gone live with the system and, according to CDL, another five "major players" are in the planning phase.

Rick Slater, general manager at CDL, said: "When a consumer turns to an aggregator website for insurance quotes, the aggregator has to generate and maintain an inquiry for up to 20 brokers.

"This can cause problems for the aggregator communicating with various websites and collating all the varied responses."

Slater said: "Black Box automatically manages these inquiries and ensures the accuracy of the quote information received from each broker site."

He added: "Internet services is one of the fastest growing sectors in our market and will be a focus for further development."