Brit Insurance will strengthen its regional presence in the UK insurance market by developing greater broker links outside London.

The insurer said that, while it had no plans to open further regional offices, it was looking at ways to attract new sources of business in the UK.

Ray Cox, UK underwriting director, said: "There are areas, particularly away from London, where there are opportunities for us to develop deeper relationships with key brokers.

"That may require invest-ment in further resources to provide the level of service that we have committed to."

In a bid to further develop its UK division, Brit also confirmed that it was on the verge of joining the Imarket insurance platform within the next two to three months.

This comes after the company agreed to sell commercial insurance to small to medium sized companies via online broker, Xbridge.

It is part of Brit's plan to double the number of binding authority arrangements it has with UK intermediaries in 2007.

Meanwhile, Brit has reported record profits before tax of £186.3m, up by 198.6%.

Pledge on RI3K
Brit has pledged its commitment to electronic trading platform RI3K, by insisting it will remain as a shareholder in the company.

Recent reports have suggested that it was in advanced talks with at least four potential bidders for its 85.6% stake in RI3K.

But, Dane Douetil, chief executive of Brit, confirmed that, although it may not remain as majority shareholder, it would be retain a stake in the company while attracting further investment to RI3K.