Shropshire-based broker John Henshall has struck a deal to sell Patients' Aid Association's cash plans to its insurance customers.

Henshall's said it was so impressed by PPA's cash plans that it has pledged not to make any profit from the partnership.

Tony Conlon, director of Henshall's, said it choose PPA's cash plan, which offers reimbursement towards routine healthcare because people are more likely to need that than hospital care.

Wolverhampton-based health insurer PPA has 57,000 policyholders and pays 86% of its premium income back in claims. And last year it approved £110,000 worth of donations to local good causes.

PPA's paycare cashplan provides assistance towards a variety of personal healthcare needs including, dentist fees, alternative medicine and hospital stays. Martin Cook, commercial manager of PPA, said it recorded a 46% increase in demand for its cash plan last year.