Appointments for plan to expand film and TV team in the UK and North America

Broker Integro has appointed brokers Paul Hillier and Shaun Emery to join its film and television team.

Hillier joins Integro from Robertson Taylor, where he headed the film and media unit, while Emery was previously employed by Aon, where he worked on a large television broadcast facility.

The appointments follow the firm’s acquisitions of broker’s Allan Chapman & James (ACJ), Doodson Broking Group, and Stonehouse Conseillers.

Hillier and Emery will join the existing film and television team at ACJ in London,

The team focuses primarily on UK feature films, with facilities in place to cover production companies’ annual requirements on development package policies and professional indemnity.

ACJ managing director John Claffey said: “Shaun and Paul have an informed love for things film and television, which makes them some of the best insurance brokers in the film market.

“We are extremely pleased that they are joining Integro and expect them to be instrumental in expanding our Film & Television team in the UK and North America.”