NIG First Academy programme is available now 

NIG’s top independent brokers can reap the benefits of the insurer’s First Academy 2019 programme.

First Academy, an exclusive club for NIG’s top independent brokers and their staff, offers training for brokers to improve professional skills and business knowledge.

Among other things, the programme includes product training days, Cert CII qualifications, quarterly webinars, and leadership development modules.

Last year, more than 600 people took part in the training which is flexible enough so that broking staff can still carry out their day-to-day work but also have time to complete the career-boosting training skills.

NIG has updated content for 2019, which includes Connect for Brokers.

Connect for Brokers

Based in part on NIG’s own hugely successful internal training programme, Connect for Brokers is built around three leadership courses and five modules for customer-facing staff.

First Brokers simply choose which Connect for Brokers modules they want, based on their specific needs.

Managing director Sonya Bryson said: ”Connect has been transformational. It’s made doing business easy for our customers and re-engaged our teams to provide a great customer experience.

”Connect for Brokers enhances how First Brokers work with their customers to build a truly customer-centric culture across their organisation.” 

NIG has also extended First Academy’s apprenticeships programme to offer two new apprenticeship courses – Cert CII (level 3) and Dip CII (level 4) – called Kickstart and First Forward respectively.

Suz Diemer, head of broker propositions said: “Now in it’s third year, First Academy is really hitting it’s stride. We’re always looking to evolve the programme to ensure it remains relevant to brokers.

”This year will see more enhancements and in Connect for Brokers, some really valuable and exclusive content we think will make a huge difference to brokers keen to develop their people.”