Justin Hindry claimed he was eight miles from fire despite evidence and eye witness accounts proving the opposite

A bathroom showroom owner has been found guilty of arson and a £2m insurance fraud attempt on Allianz after setting fire to the family business.

Following the four-week trial at Norwich Crown Court, the former owner of Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen Centre Justin Hindry, is due to be sentenced on 3 September. He has been remanded in custody.

After burning down the building in June 2012, Hindry submitted a buildings, contents and business interruption claim on his insurance policy.

Using eye witness accounts and mobile phone evidence, the investigation between Allianz’s fraud team, Cunningham Lindsey and Norwich Police, placed Hindry in the proximity of the showroom when the fire was lit.

This is despite Hindry claiming that he was eight miles away when the fire was set.

Allianz Claims divisional claims manager Martin Saunders said: “This case is extremely serious because not only did Mr Hindry attempt to fraudulently claim a significant sum of money, but he also put his life and the lives of others in danger.

“Allianz have detailed and complex processes and procedures to combat fraud, achieved by using a wide variety of resources. To maintain the integrity of our business, and to protect our many honest customers, it is vital that we insure to have these measures. We will not hesitate to assist the Police with their enquiries and to bring people like Mr Hindry to Justice.”

Yarmouth CID detective sergeant Darren Reade, who led the investigation, added: “Hindry thought to con emergency services, detectives and his insurance company by setting fire to his struggling business to make money out of the claim. He also deceived his own staff, many of whom had supported him throughout the investigation.”