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    Claims Excellence Awards: Service laid bare


    Ninety per cent of brokers confirm importance of speed and fairness of claims settlement

  • IT Events

    Claims Excellence Awards: Personal injury explodes


    Motor market’s overall COR reached 122% in 2009 as claims farmers multiplied

  • Features

    The politics: Service briefing - Who is keeping brokers satisfied?


    How good is the service that insurers deliver? Are brokers getting the same level of service from insurers for commercial lines as for personal lines? Could the big players do better? These were the questions at the heart of the Insurance Times 2010 Broker Service Survey. We examine some of ...

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    The politics: E-trading briefing - Get connected


    E-trading is one of the most exciting new business platforms available to brokers. There is no doubt that electronic systems are changing the shape of the industry and the market has become no place for technophobes. The exclusive Insurance Times Broker Service Survey reveals everything you need to know about ...

  • Special Reports

    SME special report: hardy perennials


    A recent Insurance Times SME broker survey spells out the many worries across the sector – but it also serves as a reminder of the many positive prospects available

  • Research Centre

    Insurance ‘slightly less stressed’ than other sectors


    But early mornings, printer failures and Wednesdays are still likely to make the blood boil, according to survey

  • Research Centre

    Broker service insights: Who’s buying?


    Findings reveal a picture of increasingly sophisticated customers across the UK, but overseas business centred heavily on the London market

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    Broker Service Survey 2010: new entrants shake it up


    In the personal lines element of this year’s Insurance Times Broker Service Survey, the top spots may have been held by old favourites, but it is the handful of new entrants that have really shaken up the competition. We take a closer look at what brokers in this sector really ...

  • Research Centre

    Broker Service Survey: new entrants shake it up


    In the personal lines element of this year’s Insurance Times Broker Service Survey, the top spots may have been held by old favourites, but it is the handful of new entrants that have really shaken up the competition

  • News Analysis

    What brokers really think ...


    This year’s Insurance Times Broker Service Survey took its closest look yet at insurer performance, pinning down opinion on everything from documentation wording to claims fairness. Here, we publish the rankings for the commercial lines business, which reveal some interesting insights

  • Research Centre

    Broker Service Survey: 2010 and 2009 insurer rankings compared


    The results of the 2010 Broker Service Survey commercial lines ranking have been announced. But how do this year's rankings compare with 2009?

  • Research Centre

    How does the service you offer corporate buyers measure up?


    We bring you the key findings from sister title StrategicRISK's survey of corporate risk management professionals on the service they receive from both insurers and brokers

  • Research Centre

    Payment protection insurance: a sorry tale of mis-selling


    As Insurance Times’s Fair Fees campaign gains pace, we outline the history of the PPI mis-selling debacle

  • Supplements

    Taking the direct route


    Our annual Broker Service Survey shows that the most popular e-trading option is to access insurers’ own websites. But many still rely on email, fax or the telephone

  • News Analysis

    At your service


    Our sister magazine StrategicRISK surveyed risk managers on the service delivered by their insurers and brokers. FM Global outranked the rest of the field on the insurer side, while Heath Lambert retained the top broker spot. But the results show that its rivals are gaining ground fast

  • Features

    Hands-on help or cut-rate cover?


    Insurance Times created three people – Jim, Molly and Carol – complete with individual profiles, and sought quotes from brokers and insurer websites for a range of policies. The results proved that the web is cheaper, but will they get good service?

  • Features

    Wage war


    Insurers lobbied furiously when the Walker Review, set up to look at bankers’ pay, called for public disclosure of all £1m-plus salaries. It is unfair, they said, to tar us with the same brush as bankers. Insurance Times sees if they’re right …

  • Special Reports

    Lines of enquiry


    Everyone’s a winner in the Broker Service Survey: brokers have a chance to let off steam, while insurers get to hear how they can improve. So get ready for 2010’s feedback frenzy