Product built after extensive customer research and can be added at no extra cost 

Carole Nash

Carole Nash has carried out extensive research to launch a product overwhelmingly demanded by its customers – full cover to ride anyone’s motorcycle.

The product, launched earlier this month, allows a customer to extend an existing Carole Nash policy, at no extra cost, giving them enhanced cover to ride someone else’s bike.

It means bikers are free to ride another motorcycle knowing that if it is accidentally damaged or vandalised, there is insurance cover.

Carole Nash submitted Rider Cover to a series of both quantitative and qualitative market research in 2014, resulting in an overwhelming response to the new offering.

The company’s customer council – a team of 11 motorcyclists working hand in hand with Carole Nash – were also called on via focus groups to gather their expert feedback, which helped fine-tune the new proposition.

Rider Cover has other benefits such as free DNA+ theft protection, UK & European breakdown recovery including Homestart worth over £100, and up to £100,000 legal expenses cover.

Carole Nash products and marketing director Nick Baker said: “The launch of Rider Cover is further evidence of our forward-thinking approach, in-depth understanding of the market and bikers’ requirements. We spotted a gap in the market and acted on it with a new and unique offering.

“As part of the product development phase, we asked a large number of bikers to give us their thoughts on Rider Cover. Their feedback was really positive, with most people praising our new proposition for the added peace of mind that it brings them.”