Zurich has developed software that could save drivers from accidents caused by unskilled LGV operators as part of its fleet risk management package.

Zurich commercial business unit managing director Roger Thrift said there was an increasing social and legal responsibility on fleet managers to ensure their drivers were not involved in a crash.

"In 1998, 14,526 large goods vehicles were involved in accidents which resulted in 18,698 casualties, including 576 deaths," he said.

"Before fleet managers can put adequate systems for reducing the chances of crashes in place, they must understand the different risks they face. These include the driving skills and attitudes of their drivers."

Thrift said the new Zurich CD-Rom was developed with Interactive Driving Systems and supported by the Huddersfield University's transport and logistics research unit.

"It can be used to measure a driver's performance, to pre-scan drivers at recruitment or to assess risk for insurance and vehicle hire purposes," he said.

"It can also store driver information such as licence details, training history and endorsement records, but its main aim is the assessment of a driver's attitude, knowledge, behaviour and hazard perception."