Robin Wood's article on the role of the CII fails to recognise the range of initiatives addressed by the CII over recent years. He seems unaware that the CII is already pursuing the four goals he highlights in his CPD page article "The value of CII guidance".

Wood calls on the CII to increase individual membership. The CII membership today stands at 70,120 - higher than it has been for many years - despite a significant reduction in employment in the insurance industry.

As I am sure he is aware the CII is a professional body of worldwide repute. It is not a trade body - that is the preserve of the ABI and Biba. However, the CII has worked tirelessly over the past three years to re-engage itself with employers. The new general insurance qualifications framework - developed in association with employers of all sizes and disciplines - is an excellent example of the benefits of this approach.

The CII has also sought to partner with the various representative bodies in the insurance and financial services sector as evidenced by the partnerships with Biba in broker ASSESS; the LIA in financial and mortgage ASSESS; Cila in the development of a claims faculty and joint conference and the IUA to develop assessments for London market practitioners.

Finally he states that the CII must create a faculty of broker experts. In the first quarter of this year the CII will be launching a claims faculty in partnership with Cila. In quarter two the London Market Faculty will be introduced, while in the third quarter details of a broker faculty will be announced by our deputy president, Bob Beckett.

To this I can add that the CII's professional standards board - composed of industry and external experts - will soon be presenting new recommendations for policies on conduct; ethics; diversity and CPD to mention but a few examples.

Dr Sandy Scott
Director general