Collegiate Insurance Brokers is targeting small to medium-sized professional practices for its new employers' liability policy.

The policy is designed to cater for the mass of red tape created by new employment laws by including a comprehensive range of extra benefits.

Fergus Chappel, the company's product development manager, said: "The burden of compliance often falls more heavily on smaller companies which do not always have the necessary resources to keep abreast of developments in the fast-changing area of employment law."

The additional benefits that the Collegiate Employers Protection Service provides are:
- telephone access to a designated employment law specialist
- an employment procedures health check
- free model terms of employment
- free model employee handbook
- expert representation if the em-

ployer is taken to a tribunal.

There were 48,972 employment tribunals between April and September last year, which, when adjusted over a 12-month period, would mean 20,000 cases more than in 1998.

Collegiate has launched this policy in conjunction with Amicus Legal.