October 29, the Monday after the clocks go back this year, will be a dark day for drivers and insurers, according to motor claims management and rental car company figures.

Claimsplus and Enterprise Rent-A-Car have both warned that more motor accidents will occur on October 29 than on any other day of the year.

Claimsplus managing director Lorraine Wright said claims recorded by her company on October 30 after the clocks changed last year were 110% higher than the daily average for the rest of October. It was also the highest daily figure recorded for the year.

Claims increased by 90% on November 1 in 1999, when the clocks were changed on October 31.

"When the clocks go back, the sudden change in driving conditions makes that Monday the most dangerous period of the year for road accidents," she said.

She said government statistics showed most road casualties occurred during the afternoon rush hour and the majority were due to driver fatigue, speeding or a combination of the two. "The time change at the end of October exacerbates that problem," she said.

Wright said insurers needed to be aware there could be an influx of motor injury claims next week, followed by a potential increase in expensive personal injury claims.