Direct Line has denied that the identity of its new multi-purpose website has been leaked.

This week, Insurance Times saw a set of slides which show the new website address as, along with a marketing schedule for the new site.

Direct Line owns the web address ThinkMotor but claims this is a "working title only". The insurer announced last month it was to invest £50 million to become a leader in personal lines insurance over the internet.

The new site will allow motorists to buy new and used cars and accessories and find out the latest news on motoring issues. A hyperlink will connect the portal to Direct Line's existing online site,

According to the slides, Direct Line will announce details of the site to the press on June 1. Once the site has been fully tested, a full marketing operation will start.

The launch will then be followed by a second marketing push during August and September.

A spokesman for Direct Line admitted that the fist phase of the launch was "mid-summer" but claimed that, as yet, no firm dates have been agreed.