DrivePlus available as box or a smartphone app

motoring telematics

Direct Line has launched a telematics product aimed at young people and high-risk drivers that is available as either an installed box or a smartphone app.

DrivePlus enables drivers to receive a premium based on their individual driving behaviour and hopefully provides them with a discount on their insurance premium, depending on how well they drive.

DrivePlus customers will receive an initial discount of 20% if they have an installed box, or up to 10% for those who download the DrivePlus app – and drive 200 miles prior to getting a quote for Direct Line car insurance.

DrivePlus Installed is only available to drivers aged 17-20, but the DrivePlus smartphone app is available to drivers of all ages and is available in both Android and iOS formats.

Direct Line car insurance head of telematics Paul Felton said: “DrivePlus gives drivers the opportunity to reduce their premiums by demonstrating how well they can drive. For those higher risk groups, such as young drivers who tend to pay the most for car insurance, it’s a great way of paying only for how you drive, rather than how others do.”