Esure chief executive David McMillan tells Insurance Times why his firm should win the Excellence in Technology - Distribution award at 2022’s Insurance Times Awards 


David McMillan, Esure

Why did you want to enter the Excellence in Technology - Distribution category specifically?

We wanted to celebrate our incredible achievement with our partner, insurance software provider EIS.

Esure has an extremely ambitious plan to fix insurance for good. To do so, we must tackle the challenges that consumers face head on and ensure that we build the best environment for both our customers and people to thrive. 

Now is not the time to play around the edges. We had to engage in a dramatic transformation that would replace the beating heart of our business.

Our digital architecture, which includes EIS’ platform as our core tech, will enable us to respond to the market and our customers rapidly, even in real-time, allow us to fine-tune our offerings and launch new products and services.

To fix insurance for good, we deliver products and propositions that authentically reflect our customers’ needs and reward their loyalty. We focus on making the full insurance lifecycle more digitally driven, consumer friendly and flexible.

Yes, efficiency and automation are important, but to disrupt the market, we must deliver exceptional digital experiences that give our customers a high level of control and self-sufficiency.

However, we were previously severely constrained by rigid legacy technology. Transformation demanded an ecosystem-based technology platform, so alongside EIS, we are building flexible, scalable technologies that will enable us to continually enhance our offering. 

Esure needed a robust and flexible platform that would make it easy to scale and evolve. With EIS, that’s what we deliver and the initial results are very promising across several lenses.

After passing on several solutions that lacked the desired architecture and customer first principles, Esure chose EIS’ cloud-native, ecosystem-enabling platform.

What do you think makes your entry stand out or different from your competition?

Our digital platform has delivered outstanding results and it’s only at the start of our transformation journey.

The future sees bigger and more ambitious changes that will drive customer value and build greater differentiation through a fully digital ecosystem, which will shape customer experiences and simultaneously drive efficiency. 

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

It would be the single biggest honour in our Europe, Middle East and Africa market development journey to date. We would take that pride to the market - an award brought to us by this flagship event that celebrates the best in our industry.

This recognition would also pay tribute to our fantastic team, which has worked tirelessly with our partners over the last few years and should be hugely proud of what it has achieved.