Esure is on a mission to transform its business and become a digital insurer 

Insurer esure has chosen RightInDem as its digital claims technology partner with the intention of delivering an improved customer experience.

Esure have been undergoing a transformation programme to create a digital ecosystem.

David McMillan, esure’s chief executive, said: “We’re on a mission to transform our business into a world-class digital insurer and to disrupt the insurance industry.”

World class digital insurer

In addition to the creation of a digital ecosystem, esure said it was examining its technological processes, insights and data to create more personalised customer service experiences and cater to the evolving needs of consumers.

Its improvement programme includes a new cloud enabled insurance platform with the following capabilities:

• Cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS)

• Omni-channel contact centre Amazon Connect

• The US Digital Insurance Coretech platform from EIS

• The RightIndem Digital Claims Platform.

Oliver McGuinness, RightIndem chief executive, added: “We are beyond thrilled to support esure in their mission of becoming a world class digital insurer.

“With the RightIndem solution and an integrated ecosystem capability, esure will deliver a digital, hassle-free and reliable claims experience to their customers.”