Information giant Experian is creating a sophisticated portrait of every community in Britain that will be accessible on the internet.

The database is being assembled from up to 20 different types of statistics and details the risk of car crime and burglary, flooding, subsidence and pollution levels.

Experian is making the package of information available to a number of financial services companies for example

It will be available to customers who visit the companies' web sites by typing in the postcode in which they are interested.

According to information on burglary and car crime, the safest five areas by postcode are rural areas including, Turriff and Banff in Aberdeenshire, Bodmin in Cornwall and isolated parts in East Anglia.

The riskiest areas for property and car crime are in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

Experian spokesman, Bruno Rost, said: "The safest areas are mainly in isolated rural areas where there is a higher regard for authority and for morals.

"The riskiest areas are in dense cities with easy access to major motorways for criminals."