Markerstudy, LV=, Ageas, NFU Mutual and Tesco have all waived excess on claims from the fire in Liverpool on New Year’s Eve

Five companies have acted in the aftermath of the car park fire in Liverpool on New Year’s Eve by waiving all excesses on claims related to the incident.

Markerstudy, LV=, Ageas, NFU and Tesco have all made the decision to “help customers”.

On 31 December 2017, a fire broke out at the multi-storey car park structure next to the ECHO Arena in Liverpool. All cars inside the complex were destroyed. Approximately 1,400 cars were inside at the time.

No one was injured and horses were safely evacuated.

On Wednesday (3 January), the ABI predicted that claims were likely to reach up to £20m.

Steve Stone, group head of motor underwriting for Markerstudy said:

”This is a devastating incident involving a large number of people so we felt that it was important to demonstrate our support.”

Stone was unable to give a prediction of how much is going to be waived as claims from the incident are still coming in.

 ”This was discussed with our partners and we mutually agreed that, ethically, this was the right course of action to demonstrate our support to our policyholders.”