The news that FSA faced potential "meltdown" over the RMAR's [Retail mediation activities return] should surprise no one (News, 11 August). It simply endorses the view that Ruth Kelly's decision to give us to the FSA was made without any knowledge or understanding of our industry whatsoever.

Fine for Ms Kelly, she's now moved on to no doubt wreck our children's education with her meddling and pointless bureaucracy.

It seems strange saying this, but I do feel sympathy for the FSA. I am sure it didn't want us, it didn't need us and we certainly didn't need it.

We managed to get our return off before the extension was announced, but not without numerous phone calls to the helpline and an equal number of different responses (and that was achieved on our eighth password.) The fact is that the FSA simply does not understand our business.

Why did the Treasury have to take the EU Directive and 'platinum plate' it when all the other major EU members have done nothing at all about it to date? The FSA was already too monstrously big and over-tasked without lumbering it with us. There must be a simpler way.

Peter Brown
Fylde Insurance Brokers