Is there a price on the head of Steve White, Biba's compliance guru?

Backchat's mole at the FSA's general insurance sector conference says that White put the regulator on the spot with a "blinder" of a question on disclosure.

The question put simply was: "Did the panel have any comments as to why insurers should have less to disclose when they sold directly as compared to brokers?"

While the insurers on the panel, gave a "not surprising" view that this would improve clarity, the FSA's Sarah Wilson unhelpfully "simply sat on the fence".

Then there was a dull thud at the back of the room.

According to the mole: "A friend sitting next to me leant over and said 'I think an FSA marksman has just taken Steve White out'."

Backchat attempted to contact White, but he wasn't answering his phone...