The government has set a new target date for implementing legislation tightening up personal injury claims

The government’s whiplash crackdown will come into force in April 2019, according to a new timetable outlined by the government.

Ministers told a meeting of interested parties this morning that the implementation target has been delayed by six months from its earlier deadline of October 2018, according to sources close to the meeting.

The plans include raising the threshold for small claims courts from £1,000 to £5,000 for personal injuries from motor accidents, a move that will deny many injured parties legal representation on their claims.

The new regime will also include tariffs for different classes of injury.

The Queen’s Speech in June included the Civil Liability Bill which included measures to limit the cost of soft tissue personal injury claims.

The government is also bringing regulation of claims management companies under the scrutiny of the FCA.

The government told the Motor Accident Solicitors Society and other stakeholders that ministers have agreed that the reforms should be implemented from April 2019, and that the initial focus should be on implementing the changes in relation to road traffic accident claims.

Simon Stanfield, Chair of MASS, said: “MASS shall continue to fight the proposed changes to RTA whiplash claims at every opportunity – but if parliament approves the plans and they do proceed, there are still huge questions about how it would be implemented, operated and how the worst consequences can be limited. There is an enormous amount for the government to sort out if it is to hit its April 2019 target date.”