Angry brokers came out in force this week to support Biba chairman Simon Bolam's comments on "plummeting" service standards reported in Insurance Times last week.

A large number of the letters from brokers (some of which are published on page six) dispute responses by some of the larger insurers in last week's issue, which maintained they were confident their service standards to brokers were high.

Echoing the sentiments of many, Tony Horsfield of Roland Ward and Partners in Lancashire, writes this week: "The sands must be really deep in the head offices if they can make these comments as these. Their heads must be well and truly buried."

There was also supportive comment from the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association, which said that its members experienced similarly poor standards.

This week, insurers have been more conciliatory in their responses Norwich Union said it accepts that service standards to some intermediaries have not been "up to the normal high standard we would want" and that it may need to review the way it deals with smaller brokers.

And CGU said it is recruiting new staff and reorganising its internal procedures in order to eliminate work backloads.