Guardian Royal Exchange (GRE) – now part of Axa – nearly won the unenviable prize of a Plain English Campaign Golden Bull.

The Golden Bull is awarded for the most convoluted, confusing use of English. GRE's workshop insurance policy was the one that nearly won the award. It stated:

"The Insured having intimated to their customers that they will accept responsibility for loss destruction to goods the property of such customers or the customers may be legally responsible manufactured by the Insured or not upon which work is to be is being or has been done on behalf of customers by the Insured or which may be left in the Insured's hands for storage or despatch or otherwise temporarily in the Insured's custody it is hereby declared and agreed that all such goods shall be held to be insured by the items of this section covering Stock in Trade, except insofar as they shall be more specifically otherwise insured by or on behalf of the Insured."