Success of Hunter system in motor extends it other lines

Groupama has rolled out the Hunter fraud prevention system across its household and commercial insurance business, following success in motor and fleet applications and claims at the start of 2009.

A web-based system, Hunter works on the principle of data sharing, accessing information from insurers and financial institutions on known fraudsters.

Groupama can check applications and claims for any discrepancies, anomalies or matches against previous known and suspected fraudulent applications and claims.

Hunter then provides a referral investigation management facility and enables the recording and sharing of decisions with other insurers.

Better fraud detection rates

Stephen Teeling, counter fraud manager at Groupama Insurances said: “The success of Hunter proves the importance of data sharing in the industry to help combat fraud. Since we started using the tool for our motor and fleet book at the start of the year, we have seen a noticeable improvement in fraud detection rates.

“Whilst it’s too early to provide firm figures, from the evidence we have seen, it makes absolute sense to roll out Hunter to our Household and Commercial portfolios.

“At Groupama we firmly believe that if we can identify potential fraudsters at the point of application, we will not only help significantly reduce fraud at the claim stage but will enhance the service we provide to our honest policy holders."