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  • PPI complaints surge
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    Meeting the growth challenge


    What do Olympians and brokers have in common? To succeed, both require good timing, excellent attention to detail, tenacity, and being an expert in their field

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    When staff get itchy feet


    The employment market is picking up, and insurance bosses must think differently to retain quality staff

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    Battle ships


    Piracy in the Gulf of Aden is a huge problem, and there are not enough navy ships in the region to combat it. But one group of brokers and insurers hopes to take protection into their own hands, with what’s billed as the sector’s first private navy

  • Claims

    Get with the program


    It’s not just the amount of claims information you have, it’s the way you use it that puts you at the cutting edge. Here's the lowdown on three award-winning technologies that promise to unlock the dosh in your data

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    There will be blood


    Doctors involved in fraud should face a fitness-to-practice hearing at the General Medical Council. But a loophole is allowing many of them to slip through the net

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    M&R: Legal expenses


    Legal expenses insurers face a grave threat from proposals outlined in the Jackson review of litigation costs. With the government about to consult on introducing the recommendations, we look at fears that reform could restrict access to justice

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    Reassuringly expensive


    The very rich expect a silver service from their insurance cover and will pay for the privilege. What's key is to recognise the importance of being tactful and discreet, knowing a van Eyck from a van Dyck, and being ready for that vital call, just in case one’s donkey has ...

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    Ready, aim ... FSA


    As regulators get to work on the largest brokers, consolidator chiefs bemoan the greater pressure and demand for detail in the latest inspections. But is greater scrutiny of smaller brokers the answer?

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    Under the influence


    You know well the personalities running the GI operations at the UK’s major insurers, but what about the bigwigs above them? The influence from the top on rates and commissions can be huge, so it pays to know your Hastes from your Hodges

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    Hook, line and sinker


    It seems that crooks are busier than ever, especially when cars are involved. From car key theft to ‘crash for cash’ rackets and so-called ghost brokers, it is always the insurance industry that suffers. Insurance Times looks at the latest trends and how companies are fighting back

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    Signs of growth?


    Don’t be fooled by the first signs of an upturn in the property and construction markets. The challenge for insurers may be only just beginning

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    Navigating out of recession


    Is it still grim up North? Or are we seeing more struggling down South? Affecting all regions in the UK, this recession has hit like none before it, dispelling the traditional view of a North-South divide. But if the impact of the financial meltdown has been UK-wide, will the recovery ...

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    Home remedies


    The series of floods and freezes last year has sent the number and costs of household claims through the roof. Do insurers have any choice but to raise their rates? And if they do, will the clients accept this, or will it pave the way for smaller firms to move ...

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    Home, sweet home


    Insurers rushed to outsource claims handling a few years ago, with many looking to save money by using companies in other countries. We report that concerns over quality and hidden costs mean that many are set to take their business back in-house

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    Stay in touch


    Giving SMEs what they really want – a personalised service but with the speed and efficiency of trading online – is a pretty tall order. Insurance Times speaks to the brokers who are finding ways to get more connected with the smaller guys

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    Let the Games begin


    Managing the risk of any big event means covering all bases, with some serious forward-planning. Insurance Times gets a play-by-play account of the work that goes into the big one – the Olympic Games

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    Who's pulling the strings


    We reveal this year’s top 50 listing and get under the skin of the chief executives of the uk’s biggest insurers. For the full ranking, download the pdf

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    The case of the kamikaze pigeon ... and other stories


    There are some claims that sound so unbelievable, you just have to take a closer look. We open the file on the claims to remember

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    People & Opinion



    Two years ago, Michael Bright was sentenced to seven years in prison for his part in the collapse of Independent Insurance back in 2001. Ex-Indy staff have since cropped up at every major insurer and broker in the UK. In the first of a monthly series, we ask: where are ...

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    Who’s watching you?


    A recent survey suggests that users of social networking sites are giving away personal details that could be used by burglars scouting for easy targets. But how real are the threats, and are insurers taking them seriously?

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