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  • Connectivity
    Markets & Risks

    Insurercore – a dating agency for brokers and insurers


    As the market hardens and capacity tightens it is becoming increasingly difficult for brokers to find the cover or technological solutions they need to suit their clients, but could an innovative searchable online directory hold the answer to this industry dilemma?

  • lloyd's CFO
    Markets & Risks

    Peter Montanaro interview: Brokers must play their part in Lloyd’s future


    The man charged with delivering Lloyd’s six transformation initiatives talks exclusively to Insurance Times

  • Start-ups
    Markets & Risks

    Gallagher and Towergate consolidation era triggers broker start-up growth


    Acquisition sprees by broking giants is creating opportunities for new start-ups

  • EL/PL Portal Figures
    Markets & Risks

    Industry split over success of EL/PL portal


    Critics say portal is not fit for purpose, with only one-third of EL cases staying within it, while others believe the system will repeat success of motor portal

  • Markets & Risks

    The Iran effect


    With sanctions against Iran now embracing insurance, anxiety is growing about the complexity of the new rules and tough penalties for breaches. As insurers pour resources into trying to do the right thing, delays and hesitation ensue. We talk to those who are trying to unpick the legislation

  • Markets & Risks

    Friends in high places


    Jewellery, fine wine and classic cars. The playthings of the super rich all need insurance – and brokers are happy to provide it. We find out how to tap into the lucrative high net worth market

  • legal law pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training
    Markets & Risks

    Compensation city


    Over the past 30 years, Bristol has become the hub of the UK legal expenses insurance sector, bringing prosperity but also sparking rivalries between its three main players. Insurance Times looks at their colourful history and finds out how they are planning to cope in a rapidly changing market ...

  • Markets & Risks

    Who will pay for this cut?


    It seems natural that patients will seek refuge in the arms of private health insurers as a result of the radical NHS downsizing. But will the government’s confused messages prevent the industry from cashing in?

  • Markets & Risks

    Deep impact


    We can be sure of two issues relating to the Solvency II directive: it is unavoidable and it’s costing a bomb to implement. We look into an issue that’s less certain: what insurers will get in return for the costly and rigorous build-up to the new capital regime

  • Markets & Risks

    Don't stop me now


    When any number of problems could bring business grinding to halt, a continuity plan is vital. And, according to the latest survey by our sister title StrategicRISK, senior management agree

  • Markets & Risks

    There will be blood


    Doctors involved in fraud should face a fitness-to-practice hearing at the General Medical Council. But a loophole is allowing many of them to slip through the net

  • Markets & Risks

    The middle men


    London’s wholesale market is increasingly dominated by Aon, Marsh and Willis, but are there any advantages to being a bit smaller than the ‘big three’? We spoke to the heads of three mid-sized brokers to find out

  • legal law pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training
    Markets & Risks

    M&R: Legal expenses


    Legal expenses insurers face a grave threat from proposals outlined in the Jackson review of litigation costs. With the government about to consult on introducing the recommendations, we look at fears that reform could restrict access to justice

  • Markets & Risks

    Reassuringly expensive


    The very rich expect a silver service from their insurance cover and will pay for the privilege. What's key is to recognise the importance of being tactful and discreet, knowing a van Eyck from a van Dyck, and being ready for that vital call, just in case one’s donkey has ...

  • cash pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training
    Markets & Risks

    Getting tough at the top


    The D&O market has served both buyers and sellers of policies well in recent years, but in a new era of brutal cutbacks and unforgiving regulatory regimes, have those golden days come to an end?

  • Markets & Risks

    Group therapy


    Broker networks have had a pretty good year, but is that enough to protect them from a potential insurer backlash?

  • Pensions Insight
    Markets & Risks

    Sink or swim


    The SME sector was once lucrative for insurers, but new entrants to the market increasing capacity, coupled with cash-strapped clients looking to shave costs, have put downward pressure on rates and revenues. We look at how the industry can keep its head above water

  • Markets & Risks

    An uphill struggle


    Insurers in the personal motor sector are at last realising that survival depends on being able to charge customers more – there’s simply no other option left. Insurance Times looks at how rising bodily injury claims, aggregators and claims farming have affected the industry’s sustainability

  • Monte Carlo harbour
    Markets & Risks

    The Monte Carlo theory


    As preparations gear up ahead of this year’s Rendez-Vous, the key themes and talking points between reinsurers, their clients and brokers will focus on much more than just price

  • Markets & Risks

    The shipping forecast


    Marine rates threaten to plummet to new lows as a result of overcapacity and a lack of major losses. We navigate the stormy seas of today’s market