Independent Insurance has produced a guide to the Data Protection Act 1998 for brokers and their customers.

Called the Data Protection Act and You, it provides a brief explanation of the act and its implications including tips on aspects of business which need attention, a glossary of terms and a resource list for further information.

“Although the act came into force on March 1, 2000, very few companies have woken up to the severe consequence of failing to comply with the rules,” said Independent group marketing manager Graeme Sutton.

“Everyone processing personal data, whether it is held in computers or certain manual filing systems, is affected by the act.

He added: “Failure to comply with the various provisions of the act is a criminal offence, punishable by fine.

“Compliance is essential in all areas of the business, from human resources to sales and marketing.”

Free copies of the guide are available from Vicky Fusco at Independent's marketing department on 01732 868437.