Biba's compliance manager Steve White should be applauded for drawing attention in your pages recently to the need for brokers to submit half-yearly reports to the FSA from July this year (News, 12 May).

It seems many are still unclear as to what data they need to submit. One of the areas covered is training and competence.

Specifically, what the FSA requires here is details of total staff numbers and in relation to staff advising retail customers on non-investment insurance:

  • The number giving advice
  • The number supervising others who advise
  • The number who have been assessed as competent
  • The number who have left since the last reporting date.
  • To provide the data required brokers must be able to determine with confidence whether or not their staff are competent.

    Whatever the size or scope of their operations, brokers must be seen to have adopted a sound and credible methodology.

    Ian Jerrum
    Managing director
    Searchlight Solutions