One of the key speakers at the Association of Local Authority Risk Managers (Alarm) conference is no stranger to risk: documentary producer Richard Else has filmed in the world's most inhospitable environments.

Else, whose most recent TV series was called Wild Climbs, has written four books on climbing and wilderness travel and has filmed from the Himalayas to Baffin Island.

He will be talking to Alarm delegates at the University of Warwick in April on how he manages the risks involved in his dangerous lifestyle.

Else's fellow speaker will be Professor Peter Young of the University of St Thomas in Minneapolis, who is the

co-author of Public Sector Risk Management.

His book, published last year, is one of the recommended textbooks for those studying public sector risk management.

Young will address the delegates on what skills, knowledge and attributes are necessary to become a successful public sector risk manager, drawing on his experience in both the US and UK.

Alarm will present its first Risk Manager of the Year Award at the conference. The winner will take part in an exchange with Prima, Alarm's US sister organisation.

The conference will also feature representatives from public sector risk management organisations from Australia, the US and South Africa.

There will be workshops, lectures and seminars covering the theme At the Cutting Edge, with topics such as stress, how to survive a best-value review, corporate governance, the Human Rights Act and workplace violence.

Alarm chairman Kevin McGlone said the organisation was fortunate to have a wealth of experienced professionals to present the programme.

“There's already a high demand for places, so I'd urge all those who are interested in attending to book early to avoid disappointment,” he said.