Hill House Hammond (HHH) is set to slash its private motor policy for new drivers by up to 53% if they take the government backed Pass Plus Test.

Having signed a partnership with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) this month, HHH is offering the incentive to new drivers to promote safer driving.

DSA statistics show one out of five newly qualified drives will have an accident in the first year on the road.

The move is part of the brokers' Be Safe Not Sorry strategy, set up in 1998 to promote safe driving.

To get cheaper insurance, new drivers have to pass six modules including night driving, motorway driving and driving in adverse weather conditions.

An HHH spokesman said: "We want to offer cheaper car insurance and promote better driving among new drivers."

HHH is looking to extend the safe driving policy to other DSA courses for commercial vehicle, motorcycle and fleet car drivers.

HHH is also offering non-branded general products through its branch network.

The company, which has 850,000 general policyholders and promotes HHH branded products, will offer a bespoke NIG no-frills private car policy from this month.