Let’s get some perspective on the supposed challenges affecting the motorcycle market

Economic pressures and high petrol costs have positives, making motorcycling a credible alternative to the car. Although new licensing laws have affected full motorcycle licence take-up, the low engine capacity end of the market is buoyant.

It’s not all about volume. This market is loyal and has tended to make money consistently. Although parts prices are still unreliable, there is less pressure for the price hikes affecting other personal motor markets.

Fraud is less prevalent than in private car owing to the different risk profile of the average biker.

The impact of new technology on buying habits are wider issues for the industry - not solely for those selling bike cover.

Yes, it’s a niche market where underwriting expertise is key. But opportunities abound for the brokers and insurers that know where to look.

Ian Pritchard is motorcycle development underwriter at Groupama Insurances