Holman unveils credit protection
Insurance marketing company Holman has unveiled a new credit insurance protection for brokers' customers. The policy helps intermediaries' customers maintain their cover if they suffer an accident, illness or unemployment. Norwich Union has underwritten the scheme aimed at maintaining brokers' high rates of business retention. Cover starts at £21, including insurance premium tax.

Bennetts' BMW special offer
BMW motorcyclists can benefit from special rated deals negotiated by leading motorbike insurer Bennetts. Riders are automatically guaranteed a no claims bonus. And married owners of the German-made motorcycles are singled out for added discounts. The scheme is the latest launched by Bennetts which has developed 15 different motorcycle lines.

Endsleigh enters home and motor
Students' insurer Endsleigh has branched out from travel insurance into home and motor insurance on its on-line site. Students and other customers using its internet site will in future be able to file a claim or a renewal via its 'virtual branch' web site.

CIGNA backs dentistry
Dental plan provider CIGNA Healthcare said reports of the imminent demise of dentistry are much exaggerated. Strides in dental hygiene mean fewer people are losing their teeth. However, CIGNA added, there is still a need for preventative dentistry, especially among the 50% of the population who never visit a dentist.

DCT freezes its ski premiums
Douglas Cox Tyrie has frozen its ski insurance premiums. Winter sports enthusiasts can obtain cover for excess snow in avalanche cases and extend kennel or cattery fees if their return is unavoidably delayed. DCT has also abolished its policy excess charge of £40.

AIG revamps its D & O cover
AIG Europe has extensively revamped its directors' and officers' cover in response to proposed changes in corporate governance. Nineteen alterations have been made to the policy to ensure it reflects the recent Turnbull Committee's concerns on Internal Control. Chris Townsend, vice-president of AIG's financial division, said Turnbull reinforces the need for directors to establish sound risk management controls.