Insurance Times is compiling a list of brokers who have received 'minded to authorise' letters. As we went to press, 691 brokers had received letters, according to the FSA. If you have received your 'minded to authorise' letter, email . Apologies if you have recently emailed us and your name is not on the list below. This is due to printing deadlines. The full list is available on our website on

AE Taylor Insurances (Rochdale)

AHS Insurance

AJ Insurance Service

AV Wilson and Sons (Insurance Consultants )

Affinity Select Insurance Services

Ajax Insurance Brokers

Alpha Insurance Brokers

Andrews & co

Ashby Wray & Partners

Ashley Page Insurance Brokers

Atkinson Insurance Services

Barfield Associates

Blythin & Brown (Insurance Brokers)

Bonsure Insurance Brokers

Bournemouth Insurance Group

Bryan James & Co

Chris Semmens Commercial Insurance Broker

Courtenay Insurance Services

Crawford Boyd, Premier Commercial

Crossley Morris Insurance Brokers

DS Howell (Insurance Brokers)

David Insurance Consultants

Delta Corporate Risk

Dixon & Watt (Insurance Brokers)

Donald Schofield (Pontefract) Insurance Brokers

Douglas Insurance Brokers

EFM Insurance and Financial Group


Flagship Financial Consultants

Forfar Insurance brokers

Four Counties Insurance Brokers

Fylde Insurance Brokers

GR Plimbley ,

Geoffrey Simmons Insurance Consultants

Gilbart-Smith Associates

Gill Noble and Co

Grosvenor Benefits Consultants

GSI Commercial Services

GWA Insurance Services

HR Jennings & Co

H Hudson Consultants

Harry Fort Insurance Brokers

Hedon Insurance Consultants

Heritage Insurance Services


Insco (Insurance Claims Consultants)

Insurance & Risk Management Consultant

Intersure Insurance Brokers

J Hatty & Co

J Illingworth & Co

JN Bailie ACII

James Agnew

John Hunter-Paterson

Kennet Insurance Brokers

Leagold Miller

Lloyd Latchford Insurance Consultants

M & DH Insurance Services

MEM Insurance Brokers

Malcolm Piper Insurance Broker

Mansbrook Brosche & Co

Marrs Insurance Brokers

Millro Insurance Management

Norris & Fisher (Insurance Brokers)

Norwest Insurance Brokers

Noyce Insurance Solutions

Osborne & Sons (Insurance Consultants)

Owen & Ewing Insurance Brokers

PJ McIlroy & Son

PJ Sutton (Insurances) t/a Douglas Insurance Service

Palmer Business Insurance

Pavilion Insurance Management

PIB Foster Insurance (Parkstone Insurance Bureau)

Policy Masters UK

Porticus Insurance Consultants

Premier Healthcare Management

Protector Policies

Read Hunt Insurance Brokers

Reason & Co (SE)

Reid Hamilton & Co

Richard Keen (Insurance Brokers)

Risk Services (NW)

Robert Mead Insurance Brokers

Saffron Insurance

Savage & Bullock Romsey

Schofield Insurance Brokers

Scullard & Prosser Insurance Brokers

Service Miller & Co

Sevenoaks Insurance Brokers

Skirrow Insurance Services

Stenning Insurance Services

Stirling Insurance Brokers

Thornway Insurances

Town & Country Insurance Services

Townsends Insurance Brokers

UK Special Risks

Vale Insurance Agency


Victor Millwell Insurance Agency

WS Moreland & Co

WCJ Neal

Webb Holton and Associates

West Humberstone Agencies

Western Counties Insurance Services