Insurers operate a confrontational approach to claims mangement - that's what 65% of delegates to the Insurance Times Future of Claims conference believe

Confrontation is rife in the management of claims, in spite of efforts to increase partnering.

That's one of the key findings of a live survey of over 100 claims professionals at the first ever Insurance Times Future of Claims conference, held on 6 July.

The poll, conducted using a real-time interactive voting system, asked: do you believe the majority of insurance companies still operate a confrontational approach to the management of claims?

Almost 65% of the audience voted 'yes', while just over a quarter said 'no'.

In another survey, the audience of claims professionals was asked: what is the most important contribution to the current levels of policyholder dissatisfaction?

Almost 50% said the cost of premiums, while just over a quarter said poor claims handling and just under a quarter said the time taken for repairs or for compensation to be arranged.

A third question looked at the current fraud rate. VFM marketing director Will Gaskell asked: estimate the fraud rate in general insurance.

Spot on 50% said between 15% and 30% of claims are fraudulent, while 45% said the rate was over 30%. The remainder voted for less than 15%.

Microsoft insurance industry specialist Gordon Ejsmond Frey asked: in which area do you think technology can add the most value in claims processing?

Almost 65% said reducing claims costs and expenses, while just 18% said improving customer service and 17% said improving information collection to aid underwriting.