Longford Insurance Schemes has neatly tied up the notion of ski insurance and driving to work to encourage brokers to sell more of its Chauffeurplan insurance.

Most ski packages only cover the cost of treatment and getting home but fail to take account of what happens when the injured party returns to work and more importantly how they get to work if they've broken or sprained a leg.

"Chauffeurplan covers more than just loss of licence, in fact we get more claims for personal injury. The ski market is practically uncharted territory and there's money to be made by brokers selling policies to this market," said Valerie Bilsland of Longford.

Research by complete-skier.com web site and Fall Line magazine found that there is an average of one injury for every four or five weeks skiing.

Premiums start from £6.20 a month with benefits including up to £300 a week for travel costs and car hire expenses for up to 28 days.
- A new ski policy from a company endorsed by Which? magazine, the English and Welsh ski councils and Snow Sport Scotland hit the market this week.

The stand alone ski-package, from the Travel Protection Group, is aimed at all levels of ski expertise and is called Wayfarer Winter Sports.

It provides cover for up to ten days at a European destination. Premiums start at £24.95 and cover piste closure, delay, loss and theft of ski equipment, ski passes and medical cover.

Those who opt for the more expensive Gold cover (£28) are also eligible for up to £2,000 worth of dental or physiotherapy treatment and avalanche and snow-in compensation.