The Motor Insurers' Bureau is set to prosecute policy-holders who have failed to make sure their motor insurance database (MID) records are up-to-date.

This comes after the MID issued more than 3,000 warning letters to commer-cial policyholders, who were failing to meet the MID2 obligations. Those who have not responded to the letters will now face prosecution.

It is anticipated that files will be passed to the police in mid-November and they will then be forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service.

In a statement the organi-sation said: "The MIB and our members have highlighted the issue of certain policy-holders not complying with requirements on several occasions throughout this year.

"The continuing lack of response by a minority has left us with no option but to pursue prosecutions against them."

The validity of the MID is dependent upon policy-holders keeping their insurers and brokers infor-med, as well as the insurers keeping records up-to-date. From January onwards, the MID requires MID1 vehicles to be signed up with the database within seven working days.

"It is essential that we strive for ever more up-to-date and accurate records," the MIB said.