’The platform will unlock vital data insights for the business,’ says chief executive

Broker Insights has revealed today (27 November 2023) that Lloyd’s broker James Hallam has begun using its Vision platform.

The platform, which was launched in 2018, gives brokers data insights on business metrics, allowing them to track the placement appetite of their insurance partners.

It also accepts data from any broker software house – Broker Insights said this meant James Hallam could combine data from different sources and ”create a unified view of their entire estate”.

“Tailored for their needs, the platform will unlock vital data insights for the business to drive new income, as well as help James Hallam with its placement strategy and renewal management,” Broker Insights founder and chief executive Fraser Edmond said.


Speaking to Insurance Times earlier this month (16 November 2023), Edmond estimated that brokers using its platform could save around 30% of the time spent chasing proposals by “focusing their activity on markets with an appetite for each risk”.

James Hallam, which is part of the Seventeen Group, will initially use the Enterprise version of the platform as an internal reporting tool.

However, the broker has plans to extend its use in the future to support discussions with insurance companies throughout the country.

“Collaborating with Broker Insights has been an extremely positive experience,” said David Allori, chief operating officer of James Hallam, said.

“We have been involved in a number of technology integrations, but our involvement with Broker Insights has been by far the most seamless we have had.”