’It takes hard work and commitment, but it is well worth doing,’ says founder

Former account executive Paul Howley has set up his own broker after completing Gauntlet’s brokerage builder programme.

The programme allows people to build their future appointed representative (AR) broker whilst still employed and earning a salary.

Howley is the first insurance professional to finish the programme, with him opening the doors to his business, called Gauntlet Select, on June 1.

He will now grow his book as a Gauntlet AR, with his main focus being commercial property owners and professions requiring professional indemnity protection. 

However, he will also look at commercial insurance provision in its widest sense, rather than just one niche.

“I am proud to have come through the programme and left with my own business and opportunity to enhance insurance provision for a large number of companies and enterprises,” Howley said.

”I surprised myself when it came to how easily I managed to achieve the goals set, although I would not say any of it was easy. It takes hard work and commitment, but it is well worth doing, if you are ambitious and want to be in charge of your own future.”


Gauntlet said Howley built his broker “extremely quickly”, with him hitting milestones set and completing all requirements.

This includes establishing a marketing plan, branding and website prior to launch.

He will initially be based from home in Wakefield and will use an Acturis IT system for his business.

Gauntlet managing director Roger Gaunt said: “Paul, as our first Gauntlet brokerage builder programme entrant, has set a blueprint when it comes to using the programme to achieve your goal of self-employment within your own insurance brokerage.

”He has demonstrated just how effective the programme is at getting a healthy and sustainable new insurance brokerage launched. He has also shown that the programme plays an important part within our mission to drive a local broker renaissance in the UK.

“Paul has de-risked his future business and given himself a great base from which to grow his brokerage in the coming months, with the continued help of the Gauntlet head office team and our impressive access to over 200 insurers and facilities.”