HSBC claims the customer is changing and so must their service 

HSBC insurance claims it will redefine the way it offers insurance, with a new digitally-savvy Pick n Mix insurance offering.

Called Select and Cover, the service works by allowing HSBC UK customers to choose a minimum of three types of cover from a selection of insurance products from £19.50 per month.

Cover options include mobile phone, gadget, home emergency, motor breakdown and excess protection, plus life and travel insurance.

Customers can add or remove one option during the year if needed, but they have to maintain a minimum of three products. 

All product can be changed yearly. It can be cancelled at any time. Each policy covers their spouse, domestic or civil partner and their children. 

HSBC Insurance UK chief executive Mark Hussein  said: “‘Select and Cover’ will redefine the way our customers buy insurance. Its subscription-based model reflects our aspiration to provide customers with innovative ways to both buy and use our products.

”‘Select and Cover’ complements our existing products by broadening our range, enhancing the speed and convenience of the application process making insurance more appealing and accessible to customers.

”Its rationale is very much in keeping with our business strategy to improve access to insurance and enhance our digital capabilities, enabling us to evolve and grow within the changing insurance landscape.”