The product ’promises to reset the balance by giving drivers a high-quality product’, says executive vice president

Insurance specialist Quote Detective has teamed up with IMS to launch a new product for younger motorists following a series of exits from the young driver market.

Called Freezabird, the new UBI proposition acts as an override insurance product, with it kicking in when the young driver is at the wheel of a vehicle belonging to a parent or guardian.

This means they can earn a no-claims discount, even while they are learning.

The parent or guardian’s no claims discount, meanwhile, is unaffected in the event of the young driver claiming.

Freezabird also uses IMS’ One App mobile telematics technology, which will help provide insights on driving behaviour.

Andrew Brown-Allan, executive vice president of EMEA growth at IMS, said the product came after a number of insurers exited the young driver market last year.

He said this occurred because some firms under-invested in the tools to improve driving behaviour and “failed to create the right mechanisms to undertake proactive risk management”.

“It’s a pity because the insurance industry risks failing the needs of a vital segment of the driving population,” he added.

“So, we’re really excited by this partnership with Quote Detective, which promises to reset the balance by giving drivers a high-quality product, peace of mind for parents and great returns for insurers.”


The product will be distributed primarily on UK price comparison sites.

Once a consumer selects the product, they will have a follow up call with the in-house specialist Quote Detective team to complete the purchase.

Quote Detective’s chief executive David Harlow said the product was “a great platform for us to grow profitably in the young driver market, capitalising on a number of insurers exits and rapid premium inflation”.

He said: “Helping get young drivers insured is important to us. It’s crucial for their livelihoods and their careers that they can access a car, especially in areas with poor public transport, but insurance has become prohibitively expensive. We plan to change that with FreezaBird.”

“We are confident that IMS’ highly engaging UBI app paired with easy-to-install technology, as well as proactive intervention and parental oversight where required, will create a new wave of safe and careful young drivers and a good return for our specialist insurer partner.”