The three co-founders are well known in the insurance industry 

Three key members of insurance solutions and risk management advice business London Belgravia Group have set up their own insurance and financial advisory firm called J3 Advisory.

The new organisation was co-founded by Jack Bristow, Johnny Leadsom and James Mole, who are all well known names in the latent defect insurance and property finance markets. 

J3 Advisory aims to bring together the property insurance and debt advisory markets, to make it quicker and more effective for property developers to get both the insurance and finance products they need.

Jack Bristow, J3 managing director and co-founder, said: “Every development site is different and so requires different types of funding and different insurance solutions, but far too often they are treated the same.

“We aim to take an individual look at each project, finding funding and insurance solutions for each site on its own merits, rather than going to the same provider each time.

”Through this, we can help developers maximise a site’s potential by getting the right finance in place and then protect them by having the right warranty in place.

“By acting as an extension to the developer’s business and providing highly professional advice, we will enable our clients to claw back time and provide them with peace of mind.”

Better decisions

J3’s leadership team has spent more than 20 years working within the insurance and finance markets - this experience led the trio to believe that the two sectors were fragmented and disconnected rather than interlinking, so the leaders sought to design a business that fused insurance and funding for the betterment of clients.

This approach enables UK-based regional developers, SMEs and property professionals to make faster and better decisions, they added.

In terms of insurance, J3 will advise on:

  • New build warranty insurance.
  • Conversion warranties.
  • Commercial latent defects.
  • Social housing warranties.
  • Retrospective warranties.
  • Receivership warranties.
  • Self-build warranties.

Johnny Leadsom, director and co-founder, added: “We wanted to offer property professionals a true, whole of market option when selecting their building warranties, especially when it comes to social housing considerations.

“All of our initial conversations with developers have been very positive. We are looking forward to supporting and enabling regional developers, SMEs and property professionals across the country to make better decisions, faster.

James Mole, director and co-founder, said: “We pride ourselves on our level of understanding, not just on the developer’s current scheme, but on the wider pipeline of projects and objectives for their business.

“Coupling this intelligence with our previous experience and our knowledge both of different lenders’ performance and appetite to lend, enables us to deliver the most tailored and attuned structured finance solutions.

“This allows us to help clients structure the funding correctly, with the right money from the right lender.”