’We’ve worked hard to improve our internal processes and communications,’ says managing director

Managing general agent (MGA) Markerstudy has announced that it will be changing the name of its broking and distribution portfolio.

The rebrand will see the entity change from Markerstudy Broking to Markerstudy Distribution.

The MGA said it was making the move as part of plans to bolster its internal processes.

Ross Barrington, managing director of the firm’s broking arm, said: “With more than 1,950 colleagues in this division, based in 17 locations, we’ve worked hard to improve our internal processes and communications, which naturally lead to customers and partners receiving the high-level of service that we’re known for.”

The division

The division includes a number of own brand broking specialists, including Lancaster Insurance and BGL Insurance, as well as partnerships with brands in UK financial services and retail.

Markerstudy said changing the name of the arm would “encapsulate the breadth of products and services across the entire division”.

“We’re committed to continuing to put our customers first and we’ll be maintaining a wide range of products across motor, home, pet and SME,” Barrington said.