Broker to invest £30m and create 60 new jobs 

Private equity-backed broker Prestige is to invest £30m and create 60 new jobs with the launch of its new digital brand.

Called ‘Stroll’, the new brand will serve customers digitally, with jobs available in Derry, Belfast and Newry to launch the platform, according to the Derry Journal. 

Chief executive Trevor Shaw said: “We have strategic growth plans in place to help us continue on the path of building a digital-first, modern and global insurance portfolio, and with a commitment to innovative technology and servicing our network of valued customers, we have a new digital broking brand, Stroll, coming to market in early 2022.”

Prestige has backing from private equity house Cap Z, bolstering capital for the acquisitions of Open & Direct from Swinton Group, and Newry-based Autoline Insurance to merge with Abbey Insurance and unite as AbbeyAutoline.

Managing director Brian Allen said the pandemic has changed the customer service landscape.

“The pandemic has seen an acceleration in the shift towards a more digital world triggered by changes in online shopping behaviours that are likely to have lasting repercussions.

“Digital technology is a new force that is driving big changes in the insurance sector. For us as insurers, the changing landscape of insurance has led to a flurry of technological advancements in the industry, and the way customers interact with us is changing as a result.”