’It’s vital that our members have competitive insurance cover that suits their needs,’ says vice chairman

Broker Peter James has teamed up with the Morgan Sports Car Club to provide a new insurance scheme.

The UK-based club, which has around 5,000 members, is for enthusiasts of Morgan cars.

Peter James said the Morgan marque presented a “rather marque-specific challenge to many insurers given that the vehicles require all the protection and added benefits of classic car insurance, even though many cars are relatively new”.

In turn, the broker has worked closely with both the members and volunteers at the Morgan Sports Car Club to design a bespoke insurance package.

Dave Youngs, partnerships director at Peter James, said: “The team at Peter James are excited to be working with the Morgan Sports Car Club.

“Its community has vehicles that are part of the fabric of British motoring heritage, so it’s a privilege to work closely with the club and its members to create an insurance product that will help to preserve a healthy future for both the club and Morgan sports cars for generations to come.”


The new cover has a range of features to support the future preservation of vintage, classic and modern examples of the Morgan line.

This includes exclusive rates, free salvage retention, breakdown cover, free agreed value, self-repair options, legal expenses cover and tools and spare parts cover.

Jann Robinson, Morgan Sports Car Club vice chairman, said: “Heritage is an important part of what we do and the team at Peter James are fellow enthusiasts who understand the vital part insurance must play in preservation.

“As a club that has a calendar packed full of activities, such as touring through our travel club and car shows, it’s vital that our members have competitive insurance cover that suits their needs and provides the peace of mind that enables them to enjoy their Morgans and the club to the maximum.”