Only essential medical treatment will be allowed and all medical staff must wear full personal protective equipment (PPE)

Several Premier League club doctors have raised concerns over their own liability and insurance cover if players contract Covid-19.

The Premier League is hoping to resume on June 8, meanwhile the club’s 20 doctors have been holding their own discussions about ‘Project Restart’ – the label given to these actions – with the intention of running them by the league’s leadership.

A Premier League source told the BBC that it was viewing the move by medics as part of the process needed to reach “the best possible set of protocols”, and that the league was also in talks with insurance companies over the issue, something that would be raised with government representatives this week.

If training resumes before social distancing is relaxed, players will be tested twice per week for coronavirus and screened for symptoms daily.

All tests would be carried out by health professionals at a drive through NHS facility and training grounds will be adjusted for social distancing and hygiene.

In addition:

  • Players must arrive at training grounds in kit and wear masks
  • They are forbidden to shower or eat at the premises, if clubs want to provide food it must be delivered by takeaway to a player’s car
  • Only essential medical treatment will be allowed, with all medical staff in full PPE
  • Meetings and reviews must take place virtually and off-site

It follows news of Premier League clubs facing potential insurance premium hikes to ensure that players are covered for coronavirus.

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