The group will focus on various issues arising from the pandemic such as safeguarding and injuries

The Forum of Insurance Lawyers has unveiled a new Sports Law Sector Focus Team (SFT) as one of its specialist groups.

The group has an active agenda to look at the issues arising from Covid-19, as well as the broader picture.

This includes the debate around the halting of the Premier League, even while 92 top-flight matches are still to be played – a clear demonstration of how complex issues in the sector can be.

Meanwhile, those responsible for the safe administration of amateur sport are also having to consider how sport operates under the current uncertainty, and the new FOIL SFT intends to be at the forefront of this discussion.

Anthony Baker, president at FOIL, said: “Insurers are heavily involved in the area of sports law, on issues ranging from safeguarding and injuries in amateur sport, through to the headline issues arising in professional sport.

“It makes good sense for a FOIL SFT to focus on this area, with Covid-19 restrictions already putting group activities in the spotlight – a situation likely to continue for some time.”

It follows FOIL members being involved in many recent high-profile claims.

Understanding risk

The SFT brings together practitioners from member firms BLM, Clyde & Co, DAC Beachcroft, DWF, Forbes, Keoghs, Plexus and Weightmans.

Meanwhile, as with all FOIL SFTs, the Sports Law team will facilitate training and events, spearhead campaigns, act as thought leaders and demonstrate expertise to non-members and potential clients – all with a view to improving business understanding of these risks, and contribute to the wider conversation about such developments.

FOIL chief executive Laurence Besemer added: “We are fortunate within FOIL to count amongst our members many of the major players in this field. The opportunities a Sector Focus Team provides in improving communication and sharing experience will be invaluable.”

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