SSP supports Pukka’s growth plans to become one of the largest UK MGAs

Pukka Services, part of Freedom Services Group, has become the first MGA to adopt SSP’s pricing solution – Intelligent Quotes Hub (IQH) - for rating, pricing and data enrichment across the broker market.

Pukka plans to use IQH to support its growth plans - the tool provides self-sufficiency with pricing control and will allow the MGA to minimise fraud at point of quote, as well as price more effectively.

The solution now has established integration paths to join with all other major UK software houses, which SSP claims will allow for whole market connectivity and fast response times.

Adrian Coupland, customer and marketing managing director at SSP, said: “We are now looking forward and excited to be making this solution available to all insurers.

”It is critical for insurers and MGAs to work with a proven partner in the rating space. We have seen many early adopters of alternative solutions struggle to keep up with the demands of increasing volumes and rising complexity, but our IQH solution is fully scalable and has none of these issues. It is simply without comparison in the market.”

Shared approach 

IQH is SSP’s centralised risk selection and rating solution that has been adopted by three tier one insurers in the UK market, supporting car, home and commercial SME insurance lines of business.

Sam White, chief executive at Freedom Services Group, said:We chose SSP because their solution provides a complete, streamlined single rating and pricing hub which connects to multiple data enrichment sources, and is accessed across the entire broker distribution channels.

“It gives an unmatched level of self-sufficiency, data insight and consistency of pricing. The solution is the perfect fit with our requirements and will enable us to make intra-day rating adjustments and minimise application fraud at point of quote, which will allow us to give better pricing to our brokers.”

SSP IQH supports Pukka’s progressive approach to customers, which moves away from the more traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Coupland added: “There’s nothing quite like IQH in the world. Having already established proven integration paths, an insurer needn’t worry about high implementation costs as this connectivity offers a simple delivery process, which has been tried and tested in the market.

“IQH is the ideal pricing and rating solution for Pukka as the data now accessible will allow them to extend their footprint whilst sophisticated pricing flows will mean they can accurately place each risk, therefore achieving profitable growth.

”By continuing our relationship with Pukka, we are supporting their growth to become one of the largest UK MGAs.”

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