He told an audience that he will leave with a ’heavy heart’

Biba chief executive Steve White has announced he will retire later in 2023.

During a keynote speech opening the Biba conference in Manchester today (10 May 2023), White said he informed the board that he will step down in the autumn.

He told the audience that he will leave with a “heavy heart, but also huge pride at what we have built at Biba”.

“I have never made this job about ‘me’,” he said.

“It has always been about ‘we’ and we have never been stronger.

“We have never been more stable. We have never been better. The team you have working at Biba is amazing and it doesn’t really matter who is at the top.”

‘Very grateful’

White joined Biba in 2004 as head of compliance and training before moving into the chief executive role in 2013.

In a statement released today, Biba said White had strengthened the association both in terms of financial position, governance structure and making Biba the place for brokers, politicians, media and the regulator on insurance broker issues.

White added: “In my first opening conference address in 2013, I told you that Biba is only as good as the quality and quantity of the engagement of its members.

“I encouraged members to not just join, but to join in.

“Many did and continue to do so – we thank all the members for rising to that challenge.”

Biba Chair Jonathan Evans added: “The Biba board and its members are very grateful to Steve for steering the business steadily and successfully through what has latterly been choppy waters.

“The board thanks him for the sterling job he has undertaken so enthusiastically over the last 10 years.”

The board has now formed a sub-committee to determine the process in selecting a new chief executive.