’We are very excited to announce our transition to in-house claims handling,’ says chief executive

Zego has advanced its claims handing capability by implementing a new case management system.

In a statement released today (12 July 2023), the commercial motor insurtech unicorn said the move had brought claims processing fully in-house, leading to improvements in customer service and operational performance.

It added that moving away from outsourced suppliers would help it transform its customer service function and use automation to boost efficiency and profitability.

Sten Saar, chief executive of Zego said: “We are very excited to announce our transition to in-house claims handling.

“This development has already allowed us to deliver improved customer service, achieve higher levels of automation and efficiency and ensure the highest standards of data quality.” 

In-house team

Zego has also grown its in-house team, with the insurtech having secured 40 dedicated claims professionals to support its claims management operations within a year.

It said the team had played a pivotal role in allowing Zego to now automate up to 10% of claims end-to-end.

Sarr added: “The recent progress we have made in claims management is already translating into improved commercial outcomes.

“By optimising customer service, driving automation and embracing valuable customer feedback too, we at Zego are aiming to set new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.”