Product enables brokers 'to expand onine capabilities', claims software house.

Open GI has launched an online pricing tool that enables brokers to apply real time rating flexibility on the web.

Active Quote allows brokers to set rules and conditions that are specific to their target market, whilst taking into account insurer agreements.

The software house claimed that the broker discount and premium override facilities included within the software would allow brokers to offer the most competitive pricing to their clients.

Simon Hughes, sales and marketing director at Open GI, said: “Active Quote allows brokers to expand their online capabilities far beyond that of their competitors. The rating flexibility that can be achieved enables firms to exploit their local or specialist knowledge in an online scenario, and ultimately win more business.

“With increasing numbers of brokers investing time and money in online trading, Active Quote is key to realising a return on that investment. The solution captures and records all data regarding discounted quotes, which means that the effectiveness of online campaigns can be measured and forecasting is more accurate.”